Friday, 17 July 2015

Why Powder Coating is used for industrial Powder Coating?

Solvent based paint is used for coating metal. Whether it is iron, copper, steel or any other metal, it needs coating to remain free from moisture. But wet paint has many drawbacks. It isn’t suitable for coating metal as it doesn’t last long and also it doesn’t give perfect finish. Industries rely on industrial powder coating.

Coating metal with wet paint is an expensive affair and also it takes time to apply paint and drying coated metal. But the biggest drawback of wet paint is that it has toxic elements in it. Solvent based paint isn’t safe for environment and the user. Industries need quick service that wet paint isn’t able to provide. It is for these reasons that industries rely on industrial powder coating.

Manufacturers are more worried about time and money. They want quick service and they want service to be affordable. Since wet paint isn’t able to meet their needs, they switch to powder. Powder is more durable and cost effective than solvent based paint and the powder also comes in different colors. There are two ways of providing industrial powder coating service.

If the pieces to be coated are small in number or the pieces are of different shapes and sizes then batch system or manual process is used. But if the number of pieces to be coated increases and the pieces are of same shape and size then automated system is used. Automated system is quick hence more suitable for industrial powder coating.

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