Monday, 22 June 2015

Why Powder Coating is considered the Best for Architectural Metal Finishing?

Powder coating provides the best protection. The powder is prepared by mixing polymer resin systems with curatives, pigments, leveling agents and other additives. It is grounded like flour. When the powder is prepared, it is sprayed on metal and heated. It provides decorative architectural metal finishing as it comes in different colors.

Powder coating is best because it has many advantages. It is safe for user and environment as it contains no toxic elements. Also it produces no waste as the droppings can be collected and used again. Since it produces no waste, it provided cost effective option. Also it is more durable than wet paint. These are some of the reasons for which powder coating is used for decorative architectural metal finishing.

Architecture pieces made of metal have to be protected from moisture otherwise they would become weak after coming into contact with moist air. Wet paint can be easily applied over metal pieces but it isn’t as durable as powder coating is. Also wet paint is harmful for user and environment. On the contrary, powder coating provides a safe option. Another advantage of powder coating is that it can provide colorful architectural metal finishing.

The powder is available in more than 300 colors and it can easily be sprayed on metal surfaces. The only hassle in powder coating is that it is heated but the finish and durability that powder coating provides is hard to find in wet paint. Today powder coating is the only option available for decorative architectural metal finishing.

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