Saturday, 2 May 2015

Convenient Way of Powder Coating Metal Products

When there are hundreds and thousands of metal pieces lined up for coating then automatic system is used. The system as the name suggests is automatic. It can powder coat innumerable number of metal pieces in a jiffy.
The pieces are lined for coating. The first piece enters into the system. The first machine cleans the piece properly so that there remains no dust or moisture on its surface. The machine moves the piece to second machine that sprays powder on the piece. The second machine throws a load of powder on the piece. The piece bathes in powder and then it is moved to heater.
Machines work constantly as they never tire. Pieces keep entering the system one by one and the machines keep cleaning and coating the pieces one by one. Soon all the pieces are cleaned and coated and lined for heating. A machine takes coated pieces to heater and also brings the heated pieces out of the heater.

Automatic conveyor powder coating is useful for manufacturer. Meal spare part manufacturers need coating for their parts. They produce hundreds and thousands of parts. Coating a large number of parts manually would be a time consuming job but automatic system can do this job in little time.
Automatic conveyor powder coating system was invented to reduce coating time. The system is handled by machines. The machines do the entire job from cleaning the pieces of metal lined for coating to spraying powder on the pieces of metal. Manpower can keep an eye over the machines.

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