Thursday, 30 April 2015

Value of Powder Coating Service for Industry

Metal pieces are coated with a powder that makes a protective covering over the metallic surface. Advantage of powder coating is that it safe and durable. It contains no toxic substances that could go down to drains and pollute water bodies.

Powder dropped from spray gun can be collected for reuse. In this way, it saves money. You would pay for the powder that is used and not that is dropped. This powder makes a tough coating on metallic surface. The coating remains on the surface for long time as it can withstand pressure and moisture.

Powder coating is very advantageous over wet paint in many ways and for this reason industry prefers powder coating. Manufacturers of metal objects and products rely on powder coating. They approach service providers to get powder coating service. This need for powder coating has made a service sector called industrial powder coating.

Process of powder coating

There are two methods of powder coating a piece of metal and the selection of process depends on the number of pieces. If the number of pieces is small then the service provider would use batch process that is manual. Workers would prepare the pieces for coating and also the workers would coat the pieces.

If the number of pieces is large like there are hundreds and thousands of pieces to be coated then the service provider would use automated system in which machines would coat the pieces. Industrial powder coating has become an industry and it is expanding day by day.

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