Thursday, 19 March 2015

Batch-type System of Powder Coating Metallic Pieces

Dry finish process can be divided into automated lines and batch system. While former is automatic, latter is manual and both the processes have their advantages disadvantages.

Automatic system works well, if you are painting thousands of metal products or parts that of similar shape, size and weight and that have similar needs. You set the process and the devices start working on the metal parts or products in questions. The parts move from one device to other and get accumulated at one place where they are left for cooling after heating.

Manual Process

Batch process powder coating is manual hence time consuming but it is the best. You need little space for dry finishing a metal piece as you would do everything with your hands or with few helping hands. Preparing the metallic surface for dry paint and then moving it to a curator for heating would be done manually.

Disadvantage of manual process is it is slow. It is slow as the painter does all the work manually. He prepares metallic surface for dry painting and then sprays dry paint on the surface. After spraying paint, the painter takes the metal to the curator where the metal is heated. Post heating the metal is placed out for cooling.

Batch process powder coating is suitable, if you are working on metal parts of different shapes, sizes and weight. The process is recommended, if you want a perfect finish on a piece of metal. Manually you would be able to do a good job.

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